Want svelte, enormous arms? Throw out those weights and return to the fundamentals with a bodyweight-only workout—at the very least occasionally.

You’ll be able to give your body and joints a much-needed break without all those heavy weights. You may still provide your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and forearms with the required stimulus for true growth by changing your body’s angle and position and becoming inventive with the appropriate instruments at your gym.

For the next several weeks, replace your regular arm exercises with these bodyweight exercises, even if you’re a serious lifter, and watch your biceps and triceps sprout like weeds.


Dips are a fantastic exercise for developing your triceps, forearms, and shoulders in addition to your pecs and shoulders. On a dip bar, position yourself so that your chest is outward and your elbows are at a 90-degree angle. Drive upward after reaching the bottom. Look at a location on the ground a few feet in front of you to relieve pressure on your neck.

Towel Pullups

You need to improve your grip strength in order to develop larger arms. Your body will have a greater stimulation to create muscles if you can hold more weight. One of the greatest and baddest ways to build forearm strength comparable to a vice is to perform towel pullups.
Grab the ends of two towels that have been wrapped around a pull-up bar. Pull yourself up, leading with your chest, by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Get equal reps on both arms with just one towel if using two would be too challenging.

TRX Bicep Curls

Because of all the external resistance, traditional bicep curls can cause all types of twisting, leaning, and bending as well as overuse damage to your elbows. However, using the TRX to perform a curl will compel you to maintain rigidity and work every muscle in your body in addition to your arms.

Face the anchor point while holding a TRX. Pin your upper arms to your sides, step back, and maintain a straight posture. then bend the TRX in your direction. Move your feet closer to the anchor point to make this more difficult.

Crab Walk

The crab walk is odd, yet it works. As your arms brace to keep you up, it strengthens your shoulders and triceps in addition to your entire body stability. Put yourself in a crab posture by placing your hands and feet flat on the ground, your chest facing upward, your knees bent, your hips an inch off the floor, your arms straight, your hands directly below your shoulders, and your fingers pointing backward.

Take a little step forward with your right arm and left leg simultaneously, then take another step forward with your left arm and right leg. Keep your chest up and your hips low as you switch.

Crawl laterally or backwards to make this difficult.

Band Pushdown

Band pushdowns are a terrific approach to build up your triceps significantly without placing stress on your delicate elbow joints. You’ll experience the “pump” and a significant “time-under-tension” for significant hypertrophy with this many repetitions.

Grab one end of a light band with both hands and fasten it to a strong above object. Pin your upper arms to your sides and lock out by extending your elbows. Grab the band so that you can complete 50 to 75 repetitions before you start to tyre.

Narrow-grip Chin-ups

Unlike the pullup, the chinup (palms facing you) requires more biceps work, which will cause your grip to get smaller and cause you to increase in height as a result.

Hang from a chinup bar with your palms facing inward and close together. Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar by tightening the muscles in your shoulder blades.

Narrow-width Pushups

Use a limited pushup range to target your triceps, pecs, shoulders, and core. Put your hands in the pushup position, just a few inches apart. Keep your elbows close to your sides as you squat down.

Put on a weighted vest or raise your feet to make this workout more difficult.

TRX Tricep Extension

Moving closer to or farther away from the anchor point allows you to swiftly increase or decrease the intensity of TRX activities.

Standing away from the anchor point while holding a TRX. Lean forward while maintaining a straight posture. Now hold your hands at forehead height and your elbows in front of your chest.

Extend your forearms forward to engage your triceps and raise yourself up while keeping your torso stiff and upper arms still.

Pike Pushup

Pushing anything upwards is a great way to develop strong triceps and shoulders. It might be challenging to locate overhead movements for bodyweight exercises – until now, that is.

Pike pushups turn you upside down to resemble the overhead plane. Put yourself in the pushup position and lift your hips so that a straight line runs from your hands to your hips.

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