The hook is a supination of the hand and forearm that belongs to the inside style of arm wrestling and strongly relies on wrist power. results frequently in a fight where the wrist pressure is the dominant factor.Generally speaking, a strong hook works best if you are very strong, depending more on brute arm strength, specifically in the bicep. 
Toproll: Pronation of the hand and forearm is essential to the traditional traits of a powerful toproll. The toproll is typically categorised as an outside arm wrestling move. The amount of pressure used throughout a match is frequently the focal point. High levels of hand and forearm strength are necessary for success in the toproll.
The press, also known as shoulder rolling, is likely the least well-known of the three exercises because it places more of an emphasis on tricep and shoulder strength. In order to rotate your torso into a position where you can put your shoulder behind your hand, you must adopt a precise body position. Once in place, you may use your body weight to lean in and better utilise your tricep strength. In order to try and defeat an opponent, this manoeuvre is typically only attempted from neutral or advantageous situations. 


Numerous grip exercises have actions that will help your arm wrestling strength. The wrist strength is one of their main points in common. It is crucial to develop a strong wrist for both grip-specific training and arm wrestling. You’re on the right road if you’re exercising your wrist. 

Wrist power enables you to enter more advantageous positions, wear down your opponent, and use pinning techniques. This is most commonly referred as as cupping in the field of arm wrestling. 

The act of “cupping,” which involves the forearm muscles flexing the wrist to bend the opponent’s wrist back, greatly reduces the opponent’s available leverage during the fight.

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