Over the past year or two, we have learned a lot about the excellent sport of arm wrestling. Most people’s perception of arm wrestling is that the winner is just the bigger person. This is untrue; arm wrestling is a difficult, highly technical sport. requiring years of practise to perfect placement and understand various approaches. Arm strength and technique are also necessary for arm wrestling success.

When arm wrestling, a variety of techniques and stances are used. A fantastic method to defeat your opponent is to become familiar with each of these movements. 

The three basic techniques and styles used in arm wrestling, which we will examine below. Side pressure, back pressure, and upward pressure (posting) are some of the styles.


Strength in the upper body, particularly the pectorals, is essential for applying side pressure to an opponent. This force is applied perpendicular to the palm’s plane. The majority of the time, beginners employ this manoeuvre to pin their adversary by bringing their hands up to the pad.

Back strength, particularly the lats, is crucial for applying back pressure. This will aid in adducting the upper arm and generating tremendous force to assist you push your opponent away. For this technique to work, you must use your back strength to bend your opponent’s elbows more acutely, which will reduce their leverage and hinder their ability to exert pressure or force. 

Posting, often referred to as upward pressure, entails contracting the bicep in order to flex the elbow. The goal of this movement is to reduce your opponent’s elbow angle since doing so will assist you acquire more leverage over them and lessen the amount of force they can apply to you.

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