Rolling handles, resistance bands, and thick grip curl bars are among the best equipment for beginning arm wrestling training, according to gripsters.

With these tools, you may work on strengthening your wrists and forearms while the resistance bands give you time under tension.


Performing a variety of wrist curls is the key to building wrist and forearm strength. The most effective exercise for arm wrestlers is wrist curls. Below, we’ll examine a few possible versions.


An efficient warm-up exercise before tackling harder curls. You might start with a lower resistance band to get the blood pumping.

The consistent band pressure allows for a longer period of time under tension, which will significantly aid in the development of a solid support grip and a solid base of wrist strength for you to grow on.

When performing these, concentrate more on the wrist and squeeze the forearm; you should feel a great stretch and ongoing burn.

beginning with a low tension band

Put it up or hook it to the ground.

Thumb up as you grasp the band in your hands.

Curl your wrist gradually upward while holding it loosely.

Set the wrist down once more.

Slowly curl back up to the top.

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